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Velocity +





Shot Size

Gamebore believe that entry level cartridges should be designed and manufactured without ever sacrificing quality or performance. Velocity+ takes their entry level clay shotgun cartridge to another level with high quality components and our precision made lead shot. This is a budget cartridge which punches way above its weight to deliver patterns and performance far exceeding others in its price range.

Available with plastic or fibre wads

Choose from Gamebore plastic wads, manufactured in-house to our exacting designs and standards, or our high quality non fragmenting 100% fibre wads. Both wads deliver excellent gas seals for outstanding patterns.

Moderate recoil for a comfortable shoot

Velocity+ are a moderate recoil cartridge, ensuring a more comfortable experience that’s easier on the shoulder and results in less fatigue during long session.

Gamebore’s 100% British precision engineered lead shot

Forged from pure British lead ingots in the only remaining working shot tower in the UK, their lead shot is precision manufactured to ensure an accurate, even size and a perfectly spherical shot.

All cartridges should be stored at room temperature in a dry location. Adverse temperatures may affect performance. Do not expose to extreme temperatures.


Ammunition distribution is limited to Queensland only, with local pickup available in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast for valid Queensland Weapons Categorised Licence Holders only.  For all pricing and purchase enquiries, please click the below:


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