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Dark Storm Bismuth HD





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The latest addition to our award winning Dark Storm with Quad Seal range, our ultra high performance Bismuth HD game load has been developed especially for the most testing of high birds. Delivering a 15% higher performance than its Steel counterpart, 12G Dark Storm Bismuth HD is the ultimate in non-lead ammunition for game.

Bismuth HD shot is produced and perfected here at Gamebore using our unique, patented process which ensures malleable shot with no breakdown, compared with Bismuth shot made using the traditional technique. Our ground breaking Quad Seal technology gives low recoil yet higher velocity coupled with outstanding patterns and devastating knockdown at long range.

With a High Density of 9.6, Gamebore Bismuth HD premium loads work just like lead and can be used in all shotguns with any choke. We recommend that one size larger shot is used compared with your preferred lead load, to maintain distance and energy.

With no choke or pre-1954 proof house limitations, these represent the latest innovation from the UK’s leading cartridge manufacturer delivering outstanding performance and patterns.

All cartridges should be stored at room temperature in a dry location. Adverse temperatures may affect performance. Do not expose to extreme temperatures.


Ammunition distribution is limited to Queensland only, with local pickup available in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast for valid Queensland Weapons Categorised Licence Holders only.  For all pricing and purchase enquiries, please click the below:


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